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Until You Hear That Bell

Wed 21 Sep 2016
Studio Theatre

Three minutes boxing. One minute break.Three minutes boxing. Try to impress…

Layla's Room

Thu 22 Sep 2016
Studio Theatre

For Layla, every day is a battleground. The pay gap, the thigh gap, over-sexed…

The Works

Fri 30 Sep 2016
Studio Theatre

An opportunity for artists to present their work in development

Alan Cumming

Fri 7 Oct 2016
Concert Hall

On top of his myriad of accomplishments and accolades, Alan Cumming has been…


Tue 15 Nov 2016
Founders Room

Antarctica is the driest, windiest, most inhospitable place on Earth. A place…

Tighten Our Belts

Sat 26 Nov 2016
Studio Theatre

Honest, powerful and tender show about the cost of austerity