Brighton Dome has worked over the pandemic to deliver events when safely possible to do so and we are continuing to adapt our Covid-19 safety measures as changes to circumstances and guidance arises. Despite the ending of legal restrictions these continuing measures are in place to help keep our staff, audience and artists as safe as possible and to help minimise disruption to events and we review them regularly in line with any changes to risks.

Can I come to the event if I’m feeling unwell?

Although the legal requirement to self isolate has ended it remains the case that people should self isolate when they are unwell with Covid-19 and try to minimise the chance of passing on Covid-19 to other people who could become seriously ill or pass it on to someone who would.

We request that our audience do not visit the venue if they have Covid-19 or symptoms of Covid-19. You can find up to date information about Covid-19 from the NHS.

If you are unwell you can contact our Ticket Office or see our booking page for more information.

Do your staff come to work when they have Covid-19?

Brighton Dome follows the ‘Independent Sage Employers Pledge’ to ask our staff to stay away when they can pass on Covid-19. We support our staff financially when they have Covid-19 to enable this to happen.

What is the ventilation like at the venue?

The auditorium is equipped with a mechanical ventilation system. There are CO2 monitors built into the system.

The foyer space is an atrium which has very high ceilings, doors and windows that are frequently or always open, depending on the risks at that time.

Will the audience be wearing a face covering?

Currently we are communicating that anyone is very welcome to wear a face covering and we will additionally support our customers in their wish to wear face coverings but there is no requirement on site.

We give free face coverings to audience who would like to wear them.

Will staff be wearing a face covering?

Our staff are not currently required to wear a face covering but are welcome to do so. If you are vulnerable to Covid-19 and want to discuss the wearing of face coverings by relevant staff members who may be assisting you please contact our access line ahead of the event. We support our more vulnerable staff with the offer of high quality masks, should they want to wear them.

Do I need to show Covid status?

No evidence is required in order to attend.

Do I need to socially distance?


I’m vulnerable to Covid-19, can I arrange to have some extra space?

Brighton Dome is often hired by promoters for events and we do not control the seats. However, where it is possible we will try to make a special arrangement with seating where we are able. Please contact the Ticket Office on 01273 709709 or to find out if an event you are interested in is offering this or if there are specific measures we can offer help with as a person more vulnerable to Covid-19.

We could also discuss whether you would like to enter and leave at a different time or arrangements for the pre-show and interval.

Joining our Access List will help us get to know you better and give you the best possible support.

Could I avoid getting into a crowd for a drink?

Please contact our access line about this and other help we can offer if you are more vulnerable to Covid-19. We offer pre-ordered drinks as one option.

What will the auditorium feel like?

Events are sold at our full seating or standing capacity, meaning you will have people directly next to you as before the pandemic unless specifically arranged with our Ticket Office.

Hygiene & cleaning at the venue

We should all follow common sense measures, washing our hands or using the hand sanitiser provided at the venue regularly and catching any coughs and sneezes in a tissue or the crook of your arm.

In addition to the daily cleaning, the toilets and high touch points such as lift buttons and bannisters around the venue are regularly sanitised whilst we are open. We also clean thoroughly between each audience attending an event.

How may I seek some support with my visit?

We’ve tried throughout the pandemic to think about those more vulnerable to serious illness as a result of Covid-19 and want to encourage our whole audience to take the steps they can to make the event as safe as possible so that no one need feel excluded.

If you or a member of your party are concerned about coming to an event we will be happy to talk to you about your circumstances and consider any protections we are able to implement at that event to help support you to enjoy attending. This might for example include separate entry or looking at the circumstances with your seats in the auditorium. Anyone can contact Access on or call 01273 261 541 or Ticket Office on or call 01273 709 709 to discuss how we can make your visit as safe and comfortable as possible. Disabled visitors are encouraged also to join our Access Scheme.

Are things going to change before my event?

We may need to adapt our procedures in line with reducing or increasing risks from Covid-19. This means that event information is subject to last minute changes so we would advise that you check this page prior to visiting the venue or contact us for information if you prefer.