Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyards

Not all disabilities are visible – some are not immediately obvious such as autism, chronic pain, dementia, anxiety, visual or hearing impairment.

Not all people with hidden disabilities require assistance. But if you do, wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard discreetly indicates that you need additional support, help or a little more time.

Our staff are trained to recognise the lanyard, to understand that not all disabilities are visible, and to offer additional support where needed. We can provide you with a lanyard.

We can offer:

  • Early entry into the venue or the auditorium, to avoid queuing and/or crowds
  • Use of our lowered counter service point in the foyer bar
  • Access to radar keys to open accessible toilet facilities
  • Additional assistance from staff (e.g. escort to seats)

To request your own lanyard or if you have any queries, contact Visitor Services 01273 261541 or email access@brightondome.org for a chat.