Past Events

Past Event

The Sleeping Tree

Limited tickets available on the door

Enter one of the last great rainforests of North Sumatra, Indonesia and follow a family of endangered Siamang Gibbons as they wake, roam across the jungle and dutifully return to their sleeping tree, one of six majestic trees that they have used for generations.

The Sleeping Tree experience spans the Festival’s opening weekend with an immersive sound installation that surrounds you with the captivating and microscopically accurate noises of the jungle and the primates’ distinct calls, transporting you to a distant and fragile ecosystem that changes from hour to hour.

Invisible Flock create highly sensory installations at the intersection of art and technology. To make this absorbing and important piece, they worked with rangers and primatologists in Sumatra to capture an intricate, 3-month-long soundscape of the jungle. This is an environmental installation that changes throughout the day and your experience will be different depending on the activity in the rainforest at the time you enter: encounter the rainforest at daytime or at dusk, night-time or at dawn and the beginning of another day. Lose yourself in one of our planet’s most important landscapes.

Your day ticket allows you to enter and re-enter the installation at any time during that day and stay as long as you like. You will be welcome to stand, sit or wander during your visit.  

On Sunday evening, Nabihah Iqbal and Invisible Flock are creating a unique Sound Performance in response to The Sleeping Tree. See the link to the side of this page for more information.

Sat 6 May, 11am–12 midnight (last entry 11.15pm)  
Sun 7 May, 5am–3pm (last entry 2.15pm)
Brighton Dome Concert Hall | Age 8+
Installation Day Ticket £10