Analogue’s new show Stowaway is a story about a man from India who finds himself far from home and adrift from everything he knows. He hides in the wheel arch of a commercial airliner bound for the UK, in a bid to change his life. His body is discovered, frozen, in the car park of a B&Q in a leafy suburb of outer London.

Inspired by a number of real-life stories of similar bodies found along the flight paths of the South East’s busy airports, Stowaway is the story of an extraordinary journey in search of an impossible future, developed by Analogue’s co-director Hannah Barker and long term Analogue co-writer Lewis Hetherington for a brand new touring show from the award-winning company.

In this podcast, Hannah discusses the show in an interview that first aired on Juice 107.2's daily what's on show Brighton Nights.