Our city is brimming with young musical talent of all genres and we're committed to celebrating it and offering the perfect platform for acts to be seen and heard and help them along their musical career. For the past few years we have been hosting a diverse ‘spectrum’ of bands and stimulating activity to support their professional development including opportunities for people interested in sound engineering to shadow our technicians.

Whether in seated cabaret style for melodic folk or a standing gig with visuals for something brilliantly noisy, or a promenade gig through unexpected surroundings, every gig promises something different and pays homage to the wealth of talent on offer across the city. 

Now, with the threat of Covid-19 to our industry, we are having to pause this project. However if you are interested in supporting us, the work with do with young musicians and help secure our future, you can get in touch with us by emailing development@brightondome.org

Here is what we would normally do: 

SPECTRUM Live – The Studio Theatre is currently under redevelopment so it provided the perfect opportunity to explore unusual and intimate spaces across the city. Brilliant creative venues across the city such as Fabrica Art Gallery have helped by providing a space for our young musicians. 

SPECTRUM Seminars – These sessions give an opportunity for local musicians to come and learn more about the industry as a whole, whether it be PRS, legal matters or press and marketing. Seminars are always free to attend and are an amazing way to pick up new knowledge and advice from those who know.

SPECTRUM Site & Sound – Check out our video series of local musicians exploring our incredible grade 1 listed venues to create a live artefact for their portfolios.

SPECTRUM Residencies – This strand of the project sees us working with local artists who are interested in developing their live act. This might be through collaboration with other artists to create something cross-art and sensational or perhaps to add a new layer to their music with string ensembles or electronic elements – a chance to get creative! Chosen artists would have time and space at Brighton Youth Centre to develop ideas, a day in our Studio Theatre with two technicians to try things out and the chance to headline one of the shows with their new work. Whilst at Brighton Youth Centre artists will engage in an exchange with younger musicians in the city through developing a workshop, a scratch night or a jam session.

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