Selina Thompson's Race Cards at Brighton Dome

Race Cards review: 'An important journey through identity politics'

19 Dec 2017

Journalist Jessica Rings reflects on Selina Thompson’s challenging and provocative exhibition.Selina Thompson’s Race Cards makes even the most open minded of us feel ignorant as she takes us on an important journey through identity politics with her 1000 questions about race.The exhibition is 'a good old…

The Big Christmas Singalong! interview: 'Music allows me to express myself and is a distraction from the negative stuff in my head.'

7 Dec 2017

Hear the uplifting stories of two people helped by the Choir With No Name, who are bringing The Big Christmas Singalong! to Brighton Dome on Fri 15 Dec. Following a barnstorming performance from their London choirs at Brighton Dome last Christmas, The Choir with No Name - an organisation running choirs…

Selina Thompson interview: ‘As a queer black woman I am often expected to educate people on race, class and gender. Enough! Time for you to think for yourself.’

4 Dec 2017

Journalist Jessica Rings speaks to the artist behind Race Cards, the immersive installation about identity politics, and what to expect from her show which explores the notion of 'playing the race card'.Could you explain where the idea for Race Cards came from?The idea of race cards came from the commonly used phrase:…