Gallery & Creative Space

The Gallery and Creative Space are brand new features

Photography by Carlotta Luke 

June 2021 - Creative Space 

Mar 2019 – Creative Space

Mar 2019 – Gallery Area

Mar 2019 - Gallery Window

Oct 2018 - Work continues on each floor of the new Gallery, bars and Creative Space, as well as work starting on the grand windows that will look into the Corn Exchange from the Gallery bar.

Aug 2018 - Glass for the roof has been installed now, giving a real sense of how bright and open the space will be.

May 2018 - Each level of the Gallery, bars and Creative space have been boarded out, with preparations starting for the glass roof to be installed. 

Mar 2018 - All of the steel structure for the Gallery has been installed now, with scaffolding starting to go up for the walls and roofing to be put in. 

Jan 2018 - The structure of the Gallery is now in place along one side, allowing you to see the different levels of the lower bar, Gallery bar and Creative Space.

Nov 2017 - Foundations are starting to be put in place, particularly for below-ground. 

Aug 2017 - Having to work around the archaeological excavations of the skeletons, the Gallery area is nearing the end of the preparations for the foundation of the build.

Jul 2017 - During building works in what will become the Gallery area, there was a fascinating discovery of 18 burials, which were later found to have been part of a Quaker burial ground from before the Dome was build by Prince Regent.

Jul 2017 - Spaces beneath the Corn Exchange windows (east) are being dug out to frame new and existing entrances between the Corn Exchange and lower Gallery bar. 

Jun 2017 - The landlocked area between the Corn Exchange and surrounding buildings is being excavated to prepare for 2 brand-new spaces - the Gallery and Creative Space - which will also include new bars.