Selective Asia

"After all the challenges and loss of 2020, it’s such a pleasure to once again be involved with the Brighton Festival in 2021. The entire festival team should be really proud of making this happen and I’d like to take this opportunity to applaud them - the festival touches so many people’s lives and these weeks will be instrumental in bringing the city back to life.” Nick Pulley, Selective Asia's Founder


Established in 2006, Selective Asia is a Brighton-based specialist holiday company. Its team of dedicated travel experts have spent decades travelling in Asia, as well as crafting unique holidays and adventures for culturally curious travellers. Along with an unparalleled knowledge of the 18 Asian countries they specialise in, the team also has expertise in different interests and requirements, such as diving, honeymoons, travelling with kids, and of course Asia’s remarkable wildlife.

Selective Asia believes that a great holiday concentrates on the places and experiences that interest you, and filters out the ones that don’t! They truly believe that there’s no real one-size-fits-all holiday, so their specialists approach every request as a blank canvas, allowing each client’s preferences to determine even the smallest of details.

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