In Photos: Building update Oct 2018

"The changes that a building like this undergoes during renovation has many satisfying moments. I find a beauty in all stages of the process, the early messy broken phases through to the clean and ordered final stretch. This build still has a way to go, but it is offering up glimpses of how spectacular the finished product will be." Carlotta Luke, Photographer

Paint has been completely stripped from the Corn Exchange roof, revealing these incredible heritage details which are now being strengthened and restored. 

In the Studio Theatre, the windows are starting to be re-installed after restoration and repairs, as well as starting to set out the new dressing rooms below the main space.

"I have repeatedly been drawn to photographing these huge windows while documenting the redevelopment of this beautiful 200-year-old building. They are magnificent in all their guises, even with broken panes and peeling paint, but to finally start to see them renewed is very pleasing indeed." Carlotta Luke, Photographer

The new Creative Space will be located above the new Gallery bar, as a space for artists development, and with magnificent views into the Corn Exchange.

These beautiful circular windows will now look down into The Hall of the Corn Exchange, having previously been mirrored.

See what exciting changes are in store when we reopen

Photography by Carlotta Luke