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We think everyone should have the chance to explore their creativity

Four young girls sit on the floor, one is holding a script, one a microphone
A group of young people huddled in a circle, holding one girl up in the middle. She is holding a red rag aloft. Everyone is wearing beige clothing. They appear to be in a park.

Artist Support

We are proud to be at the heart of a city bursting with creative life and be the custodians to Brighton Dome - an extraordinary space in which to bring the arts alive. We aim to provide a hub for emerging and established artists across the region to help them to develop, take risks and deliver work of the highest quality.

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A row of six people, various ages, genders and race, stand on a stage, their arms around eachothers shoulders. Behind them are lots of red seats.


Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival welcome volunteer involvement across our events, heritage, and other programmes. We offer a rewarding and engaging programme that offers people of all backgrounds the opportunity to connect with each other, their community, and the arts.

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A white child with brown hair stands in the middle of a colourful papier mache cake

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Young or old, Brighton Dome offers plenty of ways for you to be creative

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