Interior of Brighton Dome as viewed from the stage, there are lots of red, empty seats and a grand, scalloped ceiling
Hugh Fox

Your Safety

The safety and security of our visitors, performers and staff is a top priority for us at Brighton Dome


Brighton Dome has a number of security measures in place to help minimise the possibility of a security incident in the venues.

As a matter of course, our visitor services team are in regular contact with counter terrorism Police who provide briefings and recommendations about how we can enhance our security across our venues. In addition, we work closely with them to ensure that we are prepared to deal with any potential incidents on site. To make your visit as safe, secure and enjoyable as possible we carefully assess each event alongside the current security risk set by the government to decide what security measures need to be in place. These security measures may include bag checks, limitations on what can be taken into the auditorium and ticket checks on the outer gates of the venue.

We work hard to protect the safety and security of our visitors, performers and staff and where possible to mitigate against the likelihood of a terrorist attack. We will be continuing to review the measures we have in place as appropriate and in line with relevant direction from the security services.

You can play a valuable part in keeping yourselves and the rest of the audience safe by being vigilant to unusual behaviour or items and reporting any concerns you have to our Duty staff.

You can become more aware and prepared to respond in an attack by looking at the resources at What You Can Do | Counter Terrorism Policing


Loud noise can damage your hearing. We have earplugs available at all events should you want to use these. We post signage at the entrance to the auditorium when noise levels are expected to exceed 85db at any point.

We are not always able to notify customers in advance of the day about the use of effects at events however events which include strobe will be notified to customers via a notice on the auditorium doors. Please contact or call 01273 261 541 ahead of time if you have any specific questions about noise levels, strobe or effects and we will do our best to help.


Please minimise items being brought to site. Bags may be checked and confiscations of hazardous items made. Only bags no larger than an A3 piece of paper 35cm x 40cm x 19cm are permitted.

Only some events have cloakrooms. Please contact Visitor Services if you require information 01273 261541


Keeping others safe

If you have Covid-19 symptoms or have tested positive please stay at home. See our booking page for more details.

If you are more vulnerable to Covid-19 and wish to discuss how we might support your visit please contact or call 01273 261 541 ahead of time

You can see more information about supporting your visit if you are more vulnerable on our Access page.

Face coverings

Wearing a face covering is no longer a legal requirement however we welcome anyone who wishes to wear one to do so. We have free face coverings for any visitors should you like to have one, just ask a member of stewarding staff.


The auditoriums at Brighton Dome are served by mechanical ventilation providing fresh air to the venues and extracting stale air.

Our foyer spaces are naturally ventilated.


Please practice good general hygiene by washing hands regularly, using hand sanitiser and catching coughs and sneezes.