Photographer Carlotta Luke Documents Restoration of Heritage Features inside the Corn Exchange & Studio Theatre


Architectural photographer Carlotta Luke has been documenting the transformation and restoration of Brighton Dome Corn Exchange and Studio Theatre and its heritage features. 

Based in East Sussex, Carlotta is originally from New England, USA, and specialises in architectural documentary photography. Her work is influenced by her interest in place and how people and objects inhabit their settings. 

Carlotta focuses on creating a visual narrative through the documentation of building renovations, exploring the relationship between people and their environments and the connection of buildings to personal history. Her work for Brighton Dome records the journey of the building, capturing the light, space, texture and materials.

Photographer Carlotta Luke said: 

“Photographing the Corn Exchange and Studio Theatre has been one of the most exciting projects I’ve been involved with. Not only is the history of the building fascinating, the sheer scale of the main Corn Exchange space is truly awe-inspiring. There are so many beautiful architectural heritage details to photograph and it has been a real pleasure to see them being restored throughout the project. This process has made me aware of how much specialist work is required to restore and conserve these incredible buildings." 

Pick up a copy of VIVA Lewes November issue to see Carlotta’s latest photographs taken inside the building in October 2019.

Carlotta Luke photographing on site in October 2019

The 200-year old Corn Exchange roof showing the stripped back timber beams

The original windows in the Studio Theatre 

Close up of the building’s wooden frame taken from the new viewing balcony

The Corn Exchange’s ornate Church Street façade 

These doors date back to the 1930s and are waiting to be renovated 

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