Take a trip to the outer edges of Psychedelia...

This October's SPECTRUM features four of Brighton’s most exciting bands to take you on a trip to the outer edges of Psychedelia and back again with Speak Galactic, Blue Spectre, SPACENOID and Abraham Moughrabi. Dip in and have a little a listen ahead of this weekend's show...

SPEAK GALACTIC deliver colourful explosions of noise, their music cllinging to familiar tropes of melody and notions of pop, whilst whisking the listener off to truly kaleidoscopic sound worlds. An explore of their soundcloud page is like taking your ears on a holiday to space, their ambition, scope and playfulness is encapsulated in the epic New Inventions.

Their stargazing trip will follow hot on the heels of BLUE SPECTRE’s noirish surf-psyche, coming on like the soundtrack of Endless Summer - if it was directed by David Lynch. Come and join their cosmic dance party! 

Take the studio trickery and electronic experimentations of artists such as Four Tet and Flying Lotus and merge it with the dynamics of a live band and you have SPACENOID. The three-piece project from Brighton use the sample-based approach of modern DJ/ electro culture and then morph it into an exciting, visceral live experience.

Born in Lebanon, and traversing musical cultures on his way through classical, the 90s club scene and dub reggae to his own transmissions, ABRAHAM MOUGHRABI treads the ground of the polymath. Fortunately, his stopover at the helm of samplers, synthesizers and sequencers has yielded some entrancing electronica, rich in detail and the hallmarks of the road less-travelled.

Brighton Dome's SPECTRUM cultivates and supports the vibrant music scene of Brighton & Hove in partnership with Resident

Tickets just £4 on the door, or in advance from Resident or Brighton Dome Ticket Office.