Candoco Dance Company at Brighton Dome

Spotlight on Candoco: Behind the scenes of Beheld

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An insight in to the influences, artistic direction and choreography of Candoco Dance Companies highly anticipated performance Beheld.

Through virtuosic choreography and unsurpassable talent world leading contemporary dance company of disabled and non-disabled dancers, Candoco present their stunning double bill, CounterActs. Their mischievous performance will expose hidden prejudices, address political correctness and encourages you to think beyond surface appearances.

Gain an insight in to the intricacies behind the creative and processes involved with the piece from the choreography and music to the overall artistic direction. The choreographer, dancers and directors share with us the meticulous attention to detail behind Beheld and explore how crutches, wheelchairs and fabric impact the dynamic of the performance.

On the use of fabric, the choreographer, Alexander Whitley, stresses the importance of ensuring that it appears seamlessly integrated in to the performance in a way that compliments the piece rather than having it dominate the work at the expense of the dancers’ movement. Noting that ‘There’s an energy that comes from the fabric itself, that has really become a feature of the piece and that’s fun and exciting. It has elements of risk and daring and I guess that in a way that has fulfilled the intention that I had at the beginning to think about how something other than the dancer’s body could factor in to the choreography in a significant way – in an equal way in many respects.’

As such, inclusivity, artistic expression and technique appear paramount to this mesmerising performance. Blending playful choreography with thought-provoking ideas the show invites you to get up close and discover the many facets of the Candoco Dance Company, as they strive to display an evocative performance - or as the artistic co-director, Stine Nilsen would say ‘a visual feast’.

Beheld serves as one half of the double bill CounterActs, alongside Let’s Talk About Dis from two rising stars of the British Dance Scene. With powerful duets and heart-stopping ensembles, CounterActs has something for everyone and is sure to open your eyes to a new perception of art and ability.

Candoco Dance Company will be showcasing CounterActs Fri 17 Feb, 7.30 pm. Brighton Dome Concert Hall