Asian Dub Foundation at Brighton Dome

#THEFUTUREISHERE takes control of Brighton Dome’s Twitter feed

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Mysterious 'hack' sees All Earth Council in charge of social media

Followers of Brighton Dome’s twitter @brightdome were led to believe that the social media account had been hacked today.

Tweets emanating from the ‘All Earth Council’ soon flooded the venue’s timeline with the hashtag #THEFUTUREISHERE – prompting Brighton Dome’s many thousands of followers to debate the source of the intrusion.

However, #THEFUTUREISHERE was not the work of a future dystopian government – but a carefully organised Twitter Takeover campaign run simultaneously alongside eight other arts venues who play host to Asian Dub Foundation’s live scoring of George Lucas’ cult classic THX 1138 in October.

Retaining much of Lalo Schiffrin’s distinctive score and soundtrack, Asian Dub Foundation’s sparse and beautiful new interpretation creates a memorable live experience to Lucas’ chilling, stylistic dystopian fantasy where mood-stabilising drugs are mandatory, sex is prohibited, and a young Robert Duval rages against the system.

Each tweet – supposedly posted by the State Police – were direct quotes from the film itself.

Talking about the project, Asian Dub Foundation’s Steve Savale of says: “After the success of Battle of Algiers and La Haine I wanted to find a film that’s technically possible to rescore so that audiences can actually watch the film and experience the music live… it was very important to respect the avant-garde, classical, discordant soundtrack that’s there - by one of my great all-time heroes Lalo Schiffrin – where the only melodic instrument is the flute – so Nathan “Flutebox” Lee’s interpretation of those discordant strings is very relevant to the film – it represents the emotion.”

Produced by Francis Ford Coppola THX 1138 was George Lucas directorial debut. Three times Academy Award Winner Walter Murch – famed for his sound design for Apocalypse Now – made the film’s famous soundtrack and also co-wrote the script with Lucas. On its release THX 1138 was a box-office disaster and almost destroyed Lucas’ career on the spot before Star Wars was conceived. Now considered a cult classic (last year it was included in Time Out’s 100 Best Sci Fi movies), the original soundtrack has been widely sampled by a host of influential electronic artists including, Nine Inch Nails, The Shamen, Meat Beat Manifesto, UNKLE, Orbital, Front 242, Laibach and Clock DVA.

This new live show has been commissioned by Music Beyond Mainstream (MBM), which is a company owned by major venues across the UK committed to collaborative programming and developing new and exciting work. The full UK tour and project has been produced by No-Nation with MBM and funded by Arts Council England and with agreement from Warner Brothers.

For tickets to the live soundtrack event, click here.