The Aronowitz Ensemble face the camera holding their instruments, formally dressed in black

Cavatina Scheme

Free tickets to chamber music concerts for those aged 8–25.

We are pleased to be able to include our Coffee Concert series, in association with Strings Attached, in the CAVATINA Scheme which means we can offer those aged 8–25 free tickets to high quality chamber music concerts. 

Where to Book Your Tickets

The number of free tickets for 8–25 year olds are limited for each concert so please book them in advance. By registering for tickets you agree to have your details passed on to the CAVATINA scheme.


CAVATINA tickets can now be booked online, for ages 8–25 only. Please be prepared to share proof of age when showing your tickets.

Brighton Dome Ticket Office

Visit our Ticket Office on Church Street to book and collect your CAVATINA tickets, you will be asked for your date of birth (or the date of birth of the person you are booking for).

If you're aged 8–25 or know anyone that you think would be interested please pass this information on, we'd hate for anyone to miss out!

Coffee Concerts, how audiences are enjoying the chamber music programme from Brighton Dome