View through a big window of a golden horse statue held up by golden balloons

Gallery and Anita's Room

The Gallery and Anita's Room are brand new features

Photography by Carlotta Luke, Andy Stagg and Richard Chivers

The Gallery Bar and Anita’s Room are two new additions to Brighton Dome. Anita’s Room, made possible with support from the Roddick Foundation and named in memory of activist Dame Anita Roddick, is a dedicated creative space for artists to research, experiment and create new work, whilst the Gallery Bar and Festival Bar are ideal for socialising and enjoying a pre-show drink. 

November 2023

The completion of Anita’s Room was marked by a visit from Gordon Roddick, husband of Anita Roddick, Brighton & Hove City Council Labour leader, Bella Sankey, and our Chief Executive, Andrew Comben.

A white woman in a red dress, a white man in a blue suit and an older white man in a black outfit stand in front of the door of Anita's Room

October 2023

Anita's Room is now fully equipped with a lighting grid, mixing desk and the latest 5G technology. It can accommodate up to 40 people within its main space, office and kitchen areas.

Inside Anitas room

September 2023

The finished Gallery Bar.

Gallery Bar with view of suspended golden horse and balloon statue

May 2023

An interactive digital timeline in the Gallery Bar will allow visitors to explore Brighton Dome’s rich heritage.

A brick wall with a large, vertical digital screen running up the middle of it. Either side are paintings of horses and gentlemen

May 2023

Architectural design studio Drinkall Dean used the Corn Exchange’s history as a riding house as inspiration for the Gallery Bar’s décor and installed a spectacular golden horse sculpture by West Sussex-based artist Graham Heeley.

A large model of a horse, fully golden, stands against a backdrop of scaffolding

April 2023

Work on the Festival bar is completed. The wallpaper, designed by Mike McInnerney who created album art for The Who, is based on the poster for the first Brighton Festival in 1967.

A long shot of the Festival bar, showcasing the lively black and white wallpaper

September 2022

Flooring was installed in Anita's Room

Interior of a white walled room with building work in progress

September 2022

The exterior of the Studio Theatre and New Road Offices were cleaned and restored. Originally outdoors, these structures now form part of the interior to the rear of the Gallery Bar.

Interior walls made of brick and stone with windows

May 2021

Preperations were made for putting the ceiling in Anita's Room.

Interior of a room being built

April 2019

Wooden beams are put in place as work starts on the ceiling of the Festival Bar.

A building site, the festival bar in progress

March 2019

Work on Anita's Room was well underway.

October 2018

The steel structure for the new space was installed, and the scaffolding started to go up for the walls and roofing to be put in.

May 2018

Each level of the new space, which would become the Festival and Gallery Bars and Anita's Room were boarded out, as preparations started for the glass roof to be installed.

March 2018

All of the steel structure for the Gallery has been installed now, with scaffolding starting to go up for the walls and roofing to be put in. 

January 2018

The structure of the new space was put in place along one side.

November 2017

Work began on putting foundations in place, particularly for the below-ground level.

July 2017

During building works, there was a fascinating discovery of 18 burials, which were later found to have been part of a Quaker burial ground from before Brighton Dome was built by the Prince Regent. 

Two people in high vis jackets and white hard hats are crouched over an uncovered skeleton of a person

July 2017

Spaces beneath the Corn Exchange windows (east) were dug out to frame new and existing entrances between the Corn Exchange and Festival Bar.

June 2017

The landlocked area between the Corn Exchange and surrounding buildings was excavated to prepare for a brand new featuring two bars and a creative space for artists and community groups, called Anita’s Room.