Past Event

Spring Dance: An evening of new dance performance

Thu 20 Dec 2018

Three emerging dancers present new and original works as part of a spring dance season, previously showcased at Resolution festival hosted by The Place.

Amy Movell Turtle dove

Amy presents her beautiful and honest new work, Turtle Dove, a series of vignettes composed of interviews with people in long-term relationships from different generations and backgrounds. Shifted

Natalie introduces her poetic and visually rich work Shifted, a dance theatre piece that explores what it means to be displaced and uprooted due to environmental change.

Panos Malactos Hire Me, Please

Hire me, please is a visually spectacular and multidisciplinary performance by Panos Malactos decrying the audition process and the exhaustive toll it takes on an aspiring dancer.

These are short pieces made by artists at the beginning of their careers who are carving their unique voices and styles. You can read more about their work on The Place’s Resolution blog.

There will be a pre-show discussion starting at 5.30pm giving the opportunity to discuss The Dance Space, South East Dance's new home for dance. A free event held in The Basement bar.