Into the west at Brighton Dome
Past Event

Into the West

Wed 25 Nov 2015

'She’s my horse, she is! What’s her name Grandpa?'
'She’s called Tir na n’Og.'
'Why’s she called that?'
'Because she came from the land under the sea. A place where it is always summer, and no-one grows old.'

Imagine a glorious white horse comes out of a sea-mist and into your troubled life. Imagine trying to keep her on the 14th floor of a Dublin tower block. Now imagine the police are after you, and your only escape is to ride into the west…

With this special 20th anniversary production, Travelling Light introduces a new generation of audiences to this internationally-acclaimed story of grit and magic, love and loss, hope and discovery.

'Not just exceptional children's theatre, it is complex, moving and vivid theatre that creates a complete imaginative world of its own' The Guardian

‘Deeply sensitive and highly imaginative’ New York Times

After our children’s theatre shows, our young audiences have the opportunity to get crafty and make a keepsake to take home. Our team is on hand to lead the creativity, leaving adults free to sit back, relax and enjoy some coffee or cake.

The Montefiore Hospital and Gatwick Airport are helping us to make Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival more accessible for all.