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Moon Project

Tue 30 Jul 2013

Leila is an aeronautical engineer. Shahab is a film maker. Today they have been asked to give a talk about their famous friendship and how two such unlikely people have become friends in the first place.

It all started with a crash. Leila was thrown into the air one day when Shahab crashed his car into her.

Did she experience shock? Or peak experience? And was it possible she experienced both at once? Meanwhile Shahab, who has spent his whole life on the run, is having to come to terms with why he didn't stop to see if Leila was OK...Moon Project is about how often the thing we want the most is the thing we are most frightened of. It is also about space.

Inspired by space travel, peak experience and radical shifts in perspective, Moon Project is a two-hander devised by Brighton based theatre maker Rachel Blackman and The Company. Rachel’s previous show Triptych: Three Attempts at Love was the Sunday Times’ pick of Brighton Festival 2011.

Moon Project combines award-winning new writing with Stillpoint’s signature raw and powerful physical, visual performance to create poignant, thought-provoking and heartbreakingly funny new theatre with an incisive contemporary edge.

Listen to Rachel Blackman discuss the work in our Brighton Dome podcast

'A powerful piece of physical theatre… A theatrical masterpiece worthy of the highest accolades. Cannot be missed' Fringe Review

Deft, detailed theatre for the brain and heart’ Tim Crouch