Past Event


Wed 4 Dec 2013

We welcome Flexer & Sandiland to Brighton Dome for the first time as the company celebrates its 20th anniversary. Weightless, in a tongue-in-cheek way questions the ‘weight’ of history, both personal and aesthetic: what is it that roots us down physically and emotionally? What might it feel like to let go or take flight?

Engaging and thoughtful, this show carries Yael Flexer’s recognisable stamp of witty text and wry humour combined with fast paced, space-hungry movement and a driving musical score by Dougie Evans and Karni Postel. A collaboration with Nic Sandiland, Weightless includes live digital projection and a sonic environment of disembodied voices with text by Wendy Houstoun.

Co-programmed in partnership with South East Dance

Plus post-show discussion.'Yael Flexer has made informality and intimacy a trademark of her work - she sets her productions amidst scenarios that tread a borderline between performance and the reality of the everyday' Judith Mackrell, The Guardian'Nic Sandiland's visual images are simple yet stunning... if only more works that try to combine art, science performance and technology could do it with the wit, delicacy and charm of Big Satellite Days' Jane Martin, Total Theatre