Past Event

The Works

Mon 6 Aug 2018

The Works is an ongoing series dedicated to developing work by theatre makers, dancers, choreographers, musicians, poets and visual artists working in cross-art form and interdisciplinary exploration.

Applications for artists are now closed for the November edition and (free) audience tickets are available to watch and feedback on the work-in-progress.  The artists performing on the night are listed below. Please note: One of the performances contains material of a very sensitive nature, and deals explicitly with death and grief.Rachel Blackman – The Vanity of Small Differences

Rachel Blackman comes from a family of high achieving classical musicians. Rachel is not a musician, She is not even a cellist, She can only do this. What ever this is…An interactive performance in the spirit of Portsmouth Sinfonia, which dives head long into the car crash of imposter syndrome, failure and feeling professionally ridiculous.

Joanna Rosenfeld in association with the Authentic Artist collective - We Need to Talk About Death.

We need to talk about Death is a cross art-form solo performance piece, exploring autobiographical material about death encountered (illness, accidental, suicide), long term impact of death (through generations), and grief. It includes projected historical material, poetry and puppetry, and uses live filming and projection.

Theodora Van Der Beek – Pink Prisoner

Pink Prisoner is a show about the gender boxes we put people in and the effect that can have. Referencing the Princess in the Tower, Pandora’s Box, La Boheme & Waiting for Godot, it explores limitation and possibility through the eyes of a princess trapped in a world of pink.