Past Event


Mon 6 Aug 2018

This Christmas, take your seats for the ingenious new circus show from the trailblazing company of world-class performers, musicians and acrobats behind FLOWN - a huge hit at Brighton Festival 2014 and again at Brighton Dome in 2015.

Exhilarating and enchanting, with an animated set and absorbing live score, HOME delves into the fantastical lives of a neighbourhood of acrobats who, in the course of a day’s misadventures, discover surprising new connections with each other, and with the world outside.

Performed with heartfelt humour and genuine honesty, Pirates of the Carabina bring to the stage all the skills, quirks and qualities that make their shows so much more than the sum of their individual performers.

Featuring vertical-swinging trapeze, never-ending ropes, a spinning carousel, and a very temperamental staircase, HOME presents a playful, poignant tale about the futility of grand plans, and the joys of letting go.

A perfectly heart-warming show to enjoy with your nearest and dearest - book now to give your holiday season an irresistible sprinkling of magic and charm.

For those attending the relaxed performance, you can download the visual story for HOME here