Past Event

Snowed In

Anatomical Presents
Wed 13 - Sun 17 Dec 2023
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A blizzard of fun for all the family

There is a village
high up in the mountains
and in the winter the village glistens with frost

Four friends wake to find they are completely snowed in, and a magnificent adventure unfolds in this playful, interactive family show. Our friends dream up an incredible imaginary hotel. A place where magical dances and stories are discovered. A topsy turvy world where adults are nowhere to be seen.

They’re free to dance down corridors, to sing their hearts out, to throw snowballs, and to venture into the mysterious Room Zero…if they dare.

Make your reservation now and join in the festivities.

Snowed In is brought to you by the award winning duo behind the creation of The Buildy-uppy Dance Show and The Doodle Dance Show

This is a Chilled Performance. Chilled Performances take a more relaxed approach to noise and movement in the auditorium, but the performance itself is unchanged

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