A person with long dark hair looks at the camera. It is a shadowy image, and the side of her face is covered in blood
Past Event
Film & Visual Arts

Oska Bright Film Festival 2024: Queer Freedom & Wild Women

Sat 16 Mar 2024

This is a double bill screening

Queer Freedom

Queer Freedom is back to shine a spotlight on the stories of the LGBTQIA+ community, which can often go unheard. Featuring stories of love, loss, and friendship which go a million miles to show what this community can achieve.


Wild Women

Let’s go on a wild ride; it will be crazy, joyful and unexpected. We’re proud to be using the F-rating, which is designed to support and promote women and redress the imbalance in the film industry.

In this screening:


Queer Freedom

Izzy Aman: The Joy of Drag

Isabella Kaya Walton, UK • 12 mins 37 secs

Explore the rich, expressive world of drag kings through the experience of one individual: Isabel Adomakoh Young.


William De Gennaro, Remi Fadare, UK • 2 mins 34 secs

Explore toxicity and power balance in relationships through poetry.


Declan Smith, UK • 7 mins 18 secs

Emily befriends Imogen online which is the start of a relationship that takes an unexpected course.

Coming Out Autistic

Steven Fraser, UK • 3 mins 55 secs

The experience of telling the world that you are autistic when you also identify as LGBTQ+.

Girl Coded

Grace Valerie-Lynette, Australia • 9 mins 3 secs

Desperate for power, ambitious tech nerd Robbie is keen to hack into her high school’s anonymous gossip page to garner popularity.

Moments I Saw In Red

Penn Balint, UK • 2 mins 24 secs

An experimental short film that explores the relationship between trauma, synaesthesia, and art.

Un(Fit) To Work

Yasmin Godo, UK • 4 mins 51 secs

A disabled mechanic takes us on a musical journey of 80s Disco & Ballroom through his imagination.

Single Glance

Liliane Kaufman-Hill, UK • 3 mins 15 secs

In a busy coffee shop, Hazel fantacises a relationship with a stranger in a single glance.

Look The Part

Claire Fletcher, Australia • 6 mins 42 secs

Sam is a theatre janitor who aspires to become a dancer.


Wild Women

Dead Cat Film

Josie Charles, Nathan Miller, UK • 4 mins 38 secs

A young woman becomes increasingly attached to the taxidermied corpse of her housemate’s cat.

Ice Cream On Mondays

Flo Gordon, Reggie London, UK • 3 mins 6 secs

F.witch is Flo Gordon, a classically-trained singer from Brighton. Her music is described as psychedelic indie folk, and Flo describes it as being a bit like a modern day Kate Bush.

Out Of Water

Georgia Kumari Bradburn, USA • 15 mins 26 secs

A female alien returns to earth with a charismatic scientist, but she suspects that he is hiding something from her.

Black Chalk

Julieta Tetelbaum, Argentina • 7 mins 56 secs

A woman with Down syndrome writes, with black chalk, a list of daily activities to organise her life.

Pripyat Horse

Sally Patricia Pearce, USA • 2 mins

A sparrow flies swiftly in through one door of the hall, and out through another.... Even so, man appears on earth for a little while; but of what went before this life or of what follows, we know nothing. St Bede. A moment for mourning, for a friend, for the earth.


Frida Stålkrantz Lindholm, Sweden • 3 mins

Something is not what it seems in this basement. In here something, or someone, is hidden, forgotten by the passage of time.

The Cunning

Alexandra Maher, UK • 13 mins

A teenager with Down syndrome helps herself, and others, to escape from accusations of witchcraft.


Dolly Sen, UK • 6 mins 44 secs

The claustrophobia and loneliness of being spoken to by voices only you can hear in a mental health system.

Mariee Siou: Circle Of Signs

Samantha Shay, Iceland • 5 mins 40 secs

A piece about the wildfires rampaging through California, climate grief and the hopeless situation left for the planet and youth to take on.

Pu Ekaw Tnod

Rebecca Culverhouse, UK • 6 mins 48 secs

A couple watching a horror film about a strangely familiar basement realise they’re dreaming when they suddenly find themselves in the very same basement.

Bean Grenade

Sophie Sparkes, Simon Glass, UK • 16 mins

Alex can’t stop thinking about Laura. She’s dreaming about her. She’s even dreaming about throwing beans at her.