Brighton Dome Concert Hall 1935 after refurbishment with a new, built in Concert Organ
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Brighton Dome Heritage Organ Tour

Thu 21 Feb 2019

This special edition of the Brighton Dome Backstage Tours will give you a closer look at the historic organ, as well as the opportunity to go backstage, and discover more about our 200-year history.

Buy tickets for the Organ Showcase and see this historic instrument in action. Tue 5 Mar, 2.30pm 

The tailor-made Hill, Norman & Beard dual-purpose concert organ installed in 1936, replacing the original 1850 model. It is a large four manual classical organ, with 42 rows of pipes in four chambers, the unit construction with electro-pneumatic action produced no less than 250 stop tabs, as well as having many special effect stops.

Made famous during World War II by Douglas Reeve and with his signature tune Pack Up Your Troubles. After the war, his weekly Tuesday at the Dome variety shows ran for over 1,600 performances.