Past Event

Petit Mal: Concrete Circus

Fri 2 Aug 2013

Experience circus as you’ve never seen it before. Action-packed with seemingly impossible stunts, this explosive show fuses acrobatics with extreme trampolining, breakdancing and Chinese pole in a high-octane performance from the bad boys of Finnish circus, Race Horse Company.

On a stage littered with garage debris, three bold young performers take you through a riotous display of extreme physicality, on-stage anarchy and dark humour - performed to a soundtrack that includes DJ Shadow, Joy Division, Bob Dylan and original music by Tuomas Norvio. An exhilarating spectacle from start to finish, Petit Mal: Concrete Circus takes you to the edge of what circus theatre can be – a thrilling treat for ages 7 – adult.

Since 2009, Petit Mal: Concrete Circus has been performed in 16 countries worldwide garnering rave reviews and standing ovations wherever it goes. Most recently, it was the winner of Best Performance at the 2013 International Theatre and Street Arts Festival in Valladolid, Spain. 

'A visual feast that left you open-mouthed in amazement' Daily Echo

'Electric wild and uncontrollable... I loved Rauli Kosonen's extraordinary trampolining... as if he'd like to bounce right out of his own life' The Guardian ****

Performers  Rauli Kosonen, Kalle Lehto, Petri Tuominen
Director  Maksim Komaro
Lighting design  Juho Rahijärvi
Visualisation  Juho Rahijärvi & Maksim Komaro
Sound design  Tuomas Norvio & Maksim Komaro
Costume design  Suvi Hänninen

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