Past Event

Fri 2 Aug 2013

Two worlds collide in Filter’s explosive new take on Shakespeare’s lyrical Twelfth Night. Olivia’s melancholic, puritanical household clashes head on with Sir Toby’s insatiable appetite for drunken debauchery. Orsino’s relentless pursuit of Olivia and Malvolio’s extraordinary transformation typify the madness of love in Illyria: land of makebelieve and illusion.

Originally commissioned for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Complete Works Festival in 2006, this story of romance, satire and mistaken identity is crafted into one of the most exciting and accessible productions of recent years - a heady world where classical verse meets riotous gig.

For newcomers to Shakespeare I can’t think of a better introduction.
The Sunday Times ****

Post-show discussion after 3pm.