The Damned
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The Damned

Tue 24 Apr 2018

In April 2018 The Damned made it to the top ten in the Official UK Album Charts with their new album ‘Evil Spirits’. It’s a big achievement for the British punk rock legends, who, despite huge success in the seventies and eighties, never quite made the top ten, narrowly missing the chance in 1985 when ‘Phantasmagoria’ peaked at number 11.

The huge swell of support from their fans, critics and aficionados however, has propelled the Tony Visconti produced ‘Evil Spirits’ to the top and has shown the world just how relevant The Damned still are, forty-one years after their inception. Never ones to play safe, the band always retained the energy of punk but were never content to stay within those narrow confines and ‘Evil Spirits’ continues in that progressive journey.

The Damned have paved the way for punk rock in the UK since the '70s, including founding member, true punk hero and adopted Brightonian Captain Sensible.