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Back-lit by a bright yellow light, a man sat in a wheelchair is on his head, his wheelchair wheels raised in the air

Lived Fiction

Stopgap Dance Company
Tue 14 May
A naked woman sits on a table covered with plastic wrap, her legs are open and in front of her, on a chopping board, are two steaks. She is wearing only white plastic gloves.

High Steaks

ELOINA Productions
Mon 13 May
Illustration of Scheherezade and the Sultan

Brighton & East Sussex Youth Orchestra

with Brighton and Hove Youth Wind Orchestra
Mon 13 May
A person in a vest, pants and socks, kneels on a stage in front of a microphone. On their head the wear a big cardboard box.

A Spectacle of Herself

Laura Murphy and Contra Productions Ltd
Mon 13 May
An asian woman sits on the floor and is hugged by an older white man

The Rest of Our Lives

Jo Fong & George Orange
Sun 12 May
A woman in a white t-shirt and jeans stands with one leg slightly raised, and one arm raised. She is surrounded by confetti.

You Heard Me

Luca Rutherford
Sun 12 May
A carnival band are stood on a stage in brightly coloured costumes. There is a large audience in front of them

Carnival Collective

+ Lakuta
Sun 12 May
Onyeka and the Heroes of the Dawn

Onyeka and the Heroes of the Dawn

with Tọlá Okogwu
Sat 11 May
A half girl, half insect creature stands on one leg, her wings spread out low behind her

Marnie Midnight

with Laura Ellen Anderson
Sat 11 May
An illustration of a magician riding a white rabbit. The Magician has green hair and a red cape. The rabbit has a rainbow saddle

The Wonder Panel!

with Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Joseph Coelho, Cressida Cowell and Chris Riddell
Sat 11 May
Projections layered over each other on stage, a person plays the french horn

The Making of Berlin

BERLIN/Yves Degryse (Belgium)
Fri 10 - Sat 11 May
A portrait of Jason Okundaye. He wears a stripy green and orange jumper and sites on a mustard coloured sofa. A book is on the table in front of him

Love & Brotherhood in Black Gay Britain

Jason Okundaye
Fri 10 May
Kae Tempest

Kae Tempest

+ support Subira Joy
Fri 10 May
Elmore Quartet sat on stone steps with their instruments

Elmore Quartet

Fri 10 May
A Jamaican-mixed heritage woman with curly hair leans forward slightly, a small smile on her face

An Evening with Salena Godden

Thu 9 May