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Two women of colour, one in a white top and one in a black top.

Revealing Secrets in Historical Fiction

Lianne Dillsworth & Kuchenga Shenjé
Sat 18 May
An Indian woman with mid-length grey hair, wearing a brightly coloured shirt stands in front of a body of water

Sunny Singh: A Bollywood State of Mind

Sunny Singh
Sat 18 May
An illustration of a boy and girl riding a bike

Meet the Maliks: Twin Detectives!

with Zanib Mian
Sat 18 May
A book cover which shows an orange dragon looking down on a silhouetted figure of a child

The Land of Roar

with Jenny McLachlan
Sat 18 May
Book cover for The Great Storm Whale by Benji Davies

The Great Storm Whale

with Benji Davies
Sat 18 May


Sat 18 May
A white man in with short hair wearing a greenish jumper stands next to a woman with short grey hair and a green leopard print top

Samuel Burr & Tanya Byrne: Connecting with Wonder

Real Readers Circle
Fri 17 May
A person hangs upside-down by their feet from a line of packing tape

High Performance Packing Tape

Branch Nebula (Australia)
Fri 17 - Sat 18 May
Faye Webster on stage holding an acoustic guitar looking thoughtfully into the distance. She is a white woman in her 20s with long brown hair wearing a casual buttoned-up shirt

Faye Webster with special guests Benét and Cut Worms

Part of The Great Escape
Fri 17 May
Concert Hall
A group of four people staring off in different directions

Fibonacci Quartet

Fibonacci Quartet
Fri 17 May
Twelve people sit on one side of a long table with a white tablecloth covered in food, reminiscent of the Last Supper


12 Ensemble
Thu 16 May
Noreed Masud stands in front of a glass building holding a spirit level. Polly Atkin stands in front of a brick wall looking at the sky

Noreen Masud & Polly Atkin: Writing a Life

Thu 16 May
Brian Bilston and Henry Normal sitting on a wall

Henry Normal & Brian Bilston

Wed 15 May
A white man in a suit stands amongst lots of green foliage

Ignas Maknickas

Wed 15 May
Back-lit by a bright yellow light, a man sat in a wheelchair is on his head, his wheelchair wheels raised in the air

Lived Fiction

Stopgap Dance Company
Tue 14 May