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Film & Visual Arts

Oska Bright Film Festival 2024: Love Won't Tear Us Apart

Thu 14 Mar 2024

Love comes in many shapes and sizes: Mysterious, dark, sad, beautiful and most of all, unexpected. This screening touches on sensitive subjects such as suicide and mental health.

In this screening:


Hopeful Romantic

Kate Vinen, Australia • 10 mins 55 secs

Daisy waits in a bar for her online date. A man asks her for a drink and she mistakes him for the date who has stood her up.

Mise en Place

Julian Neuhaus, Australia • 5 mins 56 secs

In a high-end Sydney restaurant, Charlie, a dishwasher, seizes the moment to showcase her artistic flair in exquisite plating.

Off Script

Daniele Bonarini, Italy • 14 mins 59 secs

Massimiliano aspires to be an actor. Encountering actors preparing Pirandello’s play, he contemplates a daring new role with co-operative peers for a fresh cinematic journey.


Joseph Inman, UK • 10 mins 24 secs

In rural Cornwall, autistic Thomas immerses himself in books to escape sensory challenges. When sporty Agnes befriends him, he learns to share his creative world.

Dead Silent

Miriam Fox, UK • 11 mins 41 secs

Liam, 29, is blindsided when his best friend Jack unexpectedly takes his own life.

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Getting Married

Karen Jackson & ARC Disability Services, Australia • 14 mins 6 secs

Emma and Max, engaged to marry, discover contrasting wedding visions at a BBQ. Enter Scarlet, an impromptu wedding planner.