Past Event

Disco Pigs

Mon 27 Jul 2015

Born seconds apart, Darren and Sinead, aka Pig and Runt, live in a fantasy world of their own in Cork city. Trash TV, disco beats and cheap booze have fuelled this obsessive friendship. But as they go for their 17th birthday binge, reality violently collides with their fantasy and their world begins to crumble.

Written by Enda Walsh, award winning writer of The Walworth Farce, The New Electric Ballroom, Penelope and Camera d’Or winning screenplay Hunger, Disco Pigs is a furious, funny and violent dash through a friendship too close to survive.

'A tremendous, high-voltage production.' 
**** Financial Times

'Disco Pigs retains its thrilling vigour and jabbering energy in this revival, directed by Cathal Cleary.'
**** The Guardian

'Cleary gets the play’s full thrill, with gleaming performances.'
**** The Sunday Times