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“We’re pleased to be able to offer space in our building for artists to talk, share ideas and connect, something that’s vital to the health of the artistic community. We hope this collaboration will unlock potential for our city's artists at a time when the future is hard to predict but the need for art has never been more important.” Kyla Booth

We have partnered with Ironclad Creative to offer monthly meeting spaces for small groups to come together in at Brighton Dome. 


Wed 6 Sep
Tue 24 Oct
Sat 28 Nov
Tue 12 Dec

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These informal artist-led sessions aim to connect, support and make space for writers, directors, actors, producers and creative people. There will be opportunities to chat, give updates on local and national events and sometimes introduce a guest speaker from the performing arts world. No need to pitch or sell - just be you.

Ironclad Creative was established by the founders of Cast Iron Theatre, a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to train, mentor and commission aspiring, emerging and professional performing artists. They believe that creative careers should be available to people from all backgrounds.

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