In the Studio: A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the Park rehearsal room

Dance and Circus, Theatre and Cabaret

In the Studio / Park is a series of videos commissioned by Jasmin Vardimon Company and produced by the company’s Associate Director Guy Bar-Amotz. The series includes eight short videos offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the Park rehearsal room through the eyes of rehearsal director Vinicius Salles. Throughout this series the company's creative team speak about their roles, contributing to the footage and allowing viewers access to their practise.

The first video focuses on company dancer David Lloyd as he discusses the process and history behind his Park character, who Vinicius played in the 2005 production.

In Part 2 we take a tour of the companies creative space, are given insight in to the inner workings of a dance company and are introduced to Nevena Jovanovic a cast member with many parts to play...

Part 3 introduces us to one of the most eccentric members of the cast and his role as antagonist in the production...

Part 4 showcases Company Dancer Aoi Nakamura and her character 'The Visitor'

In Part 5 Company Dancer Esteban Fourmi reflects on his own relationship with his character Clinton, and how Jasmin's work has influenced him in his time with the company.

And Part 6 follows the dancers all important warm-up routine, using pilates to prepare their bodies and prevent injuries.

Cameras: Guy Bar-Amotz & Vinicius Salles
Editing and Direction: Guy Bar-Amotz
Graphic Design: Raanan Gabriel
Park Logo: John Gilsenan
Opening Music: Beat the Bush by Alter Ego
Music excerpts: Peter Hall, John Fahey
©Jasmin Vardimon Company 2014

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