Public Enemy at Brighton Dome Concert Hall

Do believe the hype

Public Enemy celebrate with us in their 25th year

Some very special  guests are celebrating their 25th anniversary with us this Autumn with an exclusive UK show. Legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy head to Brighton Dome for a rare performance on Mon 29 Oct 2012.

Thanks to their passion, urgency and electrifying performances, Public Enemy are one of the most critically-lauded groups in contemporary music. This year marks the band’s 25th anniversary following the release of their epic debut album Yo! Bum Rush the Show in 1987.

A group whose musical style and incendiary delivery have earned them critical acclaim and millions of fans throughout their career, Public Enemy continues to blaze musical and technological trails with new songs and new media, pulling rap music into the future, while keeping their musical roots firmly intact. Their messages are as urgent and compelling as ever, their performances just as electrifying. Public Enemy transcends the confines of rap and pop music, remaining one of the African American community's most important messengers, digital music's greatest champions and a rare rap group whose lyrics are dedicated to analyzing, uplifting and empowering all of humanity.

The gig is just one part of an amazing season of contemporary music programmed by our new Music Producer Laura Duscheschi. Also this season, we're also proud to present shows from Danish indie-orchestral geniuses Efterklang, Brightonian Bat for LashesSpiritualized and ‘Sugarman’ legend Rodriguez among many others.