5 minutes with... Margaret Cho

Spend five minutes with 'savage comic' Margaret Cho and discover more about what you can expect from her latest show Fresh Off the Bloat.

If someone hasn’t seen you perform before, what should they expect?

I am a savage comic with a lot of experience having spent nearly 35 years on the job!

You’ve described Fresh Off The Bloat as concerning “being fresh off drugs and drinking and suicide and coming back to life. It's meta. It's magical. It's me”. Is the show a sort of Margaret Cho metaphysical magical mystery tour?

It has a lot of magic - this world is entirely new and entirely different. Sober is my new reality and I am so excited to have survived the madness. I have a new lease on life and i am thrilled to share it with audiences!

What sort of person is going to love this show?

I think anyone who cares about change and equality - the essence of humanity and justice - for all of us who want to make the world better - this show is for us!

What’s going to surprise people about this show?

What is surprising is how honest comedy can be - how intimate and also intimidating. I want to challenge everyone with this show - including myself!

What do you find is different about playing to UK audiences vs. US audiences?

The UK has a real familiarity with their comics - everyone has to do a new show every year and you get to know them really well here. The US is very different in that comedians aren’t as familiar. I love playing here and I am fascinated by the differences!

What’s been the best audience reaction to the new show?

The best reactions have been standing ovations! That is always an amazing thing!

We read recently that you will be covering the Weinstein scandal in your tour. Is it important for comedians to stay up to date and topical with their material?

It is very important for me to be up to the minute on what is going on - it’s almost like we are covering it for the news. A comic has to also be a journalist these days!

Fresh Off The Bloat also concerns the politics of disgust. Could you elaborate on what you mean by that?

It’s all about the disgust I have for Trump, injustice, sexism, racism and homophobia.

Don't miss Margaret Cho's Fresh off the Bloat live at Brighton Dome on Sat 2 Dec