Isle of CC at Brighton Dome

Interview: Isle Of CC from SPECTRUM

Contemporary Music

In anticipation of this months upcoming edition of SPECTRUM, Brighton Dome sits down with Isle of CC, one of the unique acts featuring in the February Showcase:

When did you start writing music?

I did a little when I was in secondary school, but never showed anyone because I was embarrassed. I starting writing again when I attended college, but was shy about showing any of my fellow classmates my original songs. It was only until I went to university that I gained enough confidence to start sharing my original music properly.

How did you all meet?

Libby and Chloe where in the same vocal class as me in university, we’d been in projects previously and they sound like velvet when they sing. Ish reached out to me through messenger about playing bass, I’d never met him face to face. I appreciated the offer, but I wasn’t looking for a bassist at the time. I went to a hip hop event to perform some songs and spoken word, and that’s when I’d met Ish officially. I didn’t realise that he owned a deck and I asked him if he could play my tracks for me onstage and he was awesome.

What track are you most proud of?

Losing is the track that I am most proud of, it’s the first track I put out to the world.

How would you describe your music?

My music is like a mix between neo soul, electronica, ambient and spoken word. I try and make my lyrics conscious and with a story, a personal one or from someone else’s perspective.

What are the main influences on your sound? 

One of my main influences is Erykah Badu, I remember playing this song on repeat. It was one of the first songs I covered, that I really felt at home with. 

What are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been listening to Uncle Fox every morning, it helps me start my day especially before work. Jordan Rakei has those beats that make you screw up your face. Jorja Smith and her song beautiful little fools makes me question whether I am or not. Slakah the beatchild has me dancing round the room and makes me wanna play his songs on repeat.

Have you released any albums yet? Are you signed to a label?

I haven’t released any albums, but I do have an EP called Agoraphobia that is available on digital platforms and I do have some physical copies. I am not signed to a label either. 

What are your plans for the future?

To create another EP, keeping gigging and starting doing mini tours in the UK

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*Please note: this event has changed venue and is now taking place at Fabric (previously advertised as taking place at The Basement)*

Supported by GM Building and The Pebble Trust