meaning conference at Brighton Dome

When art meets economics: exploring a better future at Meaning 2017


On Thu 16 Nov, we’re looking forward to welcoming the sixth annual Meaning conference to our Brighton Dome Concert Hall. Meaning is a business conference, but a very different kind of business conference: one for people with a belief that business can play a better, more creative role in our world and in our lives.

For example, when was the last time you went to a business conference where an artist takes to the stage to share ideas and create work? At this year’s Meaning, Artist Zoë Svendson will be treating us to what she calls ‘research in public’ - interviewing economist and author Kate Raworth. Kate is the brains behind Doughnut Economics - an idea that proposes a new way to consider the global economy. Zoë will interview Kate, building our understanding of Doughnut Economics as she works towards her new performance piece We Know Not What We May Be, to be performed at the Barbican in September 2018.  

Brighton is no stranger to Zoë Svendson’s work: her World Factory performance piece was well-received at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts when it was performed last year - providing an interactive way for us to understand more about the role our decision-making occupies in the workings and injustices of the global economy. If you welcome the chance to think differently about the way things work in our society, we think you’ll enjoy this opportunity.

Alongside Zoë, Meaning will feature an array of other speakers and workshops, ranging from ethical chocolate-makers to disaster relief organisations, all sharing a view of how we can organise and innovate to bring positivity to the world in which we work. Once described as 'the Glastonbury of business' - this year’s Meaning looks set to be even bigger and better than ever, when it takes to the Concert Hall stage on Thu 16 Nov.

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