Miss Represented Launches New Documentary


Miss Represented is a creative arts project working with young women, using the arts for personal development and social change. Here they tell us about their brand new documentary.

In 2017 we took our cross-art show Can You See Me Now? out on tour. It was epic, from beginning to end!

The making process involved our weekly get togethers of talking, creating, writing, singing, eating, talking some more, going to Embercombe for an amazing adventure and then seeing what common themes ideas and feelings were swimming around and emerging.

Turned out to be some political stuff; poverty, stigma, systems and institutions. Personal stuff; real life experiences of being young, lost, hanging out in the streets, hating school. Social stuff; how society responds to those they don’t fully understand. We had a brimming pool of original songs, spoken pieces, a group-written poem, films, ensemble pieces, all coming together to make a brand new cross-art show that was unapologetic, honest and real.

Can You See Me Now? revealed the experiences of the girls finding their way through life; stone-stepping through ‘controlled care’, confusing expectations, raging histories, lies, love and recovery. It amplified voices you don’t normally hear and was presented authentically, with bravery and love. We performed in Brighton’s schools, arts venues and Youth Centre. We travelled further afield to London, Liverpool and Manchester. We met incredible people along the way who shared their own stories, their own courage, their own love.

Following us around was our trusty filmmaker and photographer Lauren Joy Kennett. She has now made a documentary showing our journey and you can watch it here.
*Warning - strong language*


Miss Represented has been running for 7 years – there is much to celebrate as we look back over that time. On our new website you can now discover, or re-discover, all our projects; see past photography exhibitionsview filmsexplore the different themes we have brought to life in past shows and all the creative work we have produced.

You can also discover extras such as our Satellite Sessions in schools which are co-facilitated by Miss Rep alumni, Caitlin and Evie, as well as their super inspiring Park Life campaign – these girls are going places!

There is lots to look at and hear!!

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We also have a brand new YouTube channel with music videos and all sorts!

Please feel free to spread the word about our documentary and, more generally, the importance of this kind of work – the power of community and the arts. We are stronger together.

Much love,
Miss Represented

Thank you to Big Lottery Fund, The Chalk Cliff Trust, The Goodall Foundation & John Thaw Foundation for their kind support on this project.