Pink Fringe heads to Brighton Dome for Pride 2013

Special show I Wanna Be Loved By You performed at Brighton Dome Studio Theatre

Promoters of Queer and LGBT theatre performance Pink Fringe head back to Brighton Dome this summer with an exciting new show I Wanna Be Loved By You. An ensemble theatre piece, it features the likes of David Hoyle, Dickie Beau and Stacy Makishi among others.

“[The show features] people like Dickie Beau with his fantastic rendering of Judy Garland, one of the original gay icons, who was so influential in the gay rights movement,” explains Pink Fringe co-founder David Sheppeard, speaking on this month’s Brighton Dome podcast.

“David Hoyle is such a fabulous talker and explorer of the darker side of humanity and people’s emotional lives and he does it in a humorous and animated way that I think he will teach you some new things and make you think!”

Fellow co-founder Tarik Elmoutawakil agrees; “If you like to have interesting discussions or join in a debate then this is exactly the kind of show you will enjoy because there are some deep ideas. If you don’t want to think, you can just turn your brain off and enjoy it visually.”

I Wanna Be Loved By You features five very different acts, so organizers are keen to show that there really is something for everyone. With its combination of theatre, cabaret, music and dance it also promises to showcase a broad range of queer talent and perspectives.

“One of the things that links all the artists that we work with is that they all have a serious sense of fun and a fun sense of seriousness,” says Elmoutawakil.

“We like things that have visual impact and try to present a diversity of viewpoints. It would be impossible to include everybody so we try to get a good cross section of what we think is interesting and relevant at the moment,” continues Sheppeard.

With events taking place across the city, Pink Fringe is always keen to present their work to a wider audience.

“We are keen to get off the beaten track, there’s always a temptation to ‘go where all the gays are’ and find an obvious audience there, but we are interested in being seen in different places and spreading ourselves far and wide,” explains Elmoutawakil

To listen to the full interview with Pink Fringe founders David Sheppeard and Tarik Elmoutawakil, listen to Brighton Dome’s July podcast here