A sneak peek at what's in store for Duckie's globalised clubland Border Force

Join Duckie for Border Force at Brighton Dome on Sat 2 Aug and experience a globalised clubland where we confront xenophobia, challenge the drag of national identity and promote freedom of movement. 

We've pulled together a sneak peek of what to expect on the night!First arrive on the night to receive your Duckie Passport and visit either...

But once you've got in you'll have to get a visa if you want to travel by visiting one of our embassies...

To get a visa to 'China'
Beat a ping pong champion at table tennis, then drink snake wine and tsingtao, taste lo mein, watch pandas doing t’ai chi and sample fan dancingTo get a visa to 'India'
Pass a spelling bee contest then drink lassi and kingfisher, taste tarka dhal and poppadoms, watch kathak and enjoy bollywood starlets

To get a visa to 'Russia'
Ride on a horse barechested like Putin then drink vodka and baltika, taste smoked salmon blinis, watch oligarchs ski-ing and admire the finest ballet

To get a visa to 'Brazil'
Have a Brazilian then drink caipirinhas and brahmas, taste tropical fruit salad, watch samba-de-gafieira and play football on the beach

With Amy Lamé as the Prime Minister & Dickie Beau as the Queen of the Duckie world!

Dress code, travel fashion: beach bum, business exec, expat, hetero holidaymaker, hitchhiker, pirate, trolly dolly, sex tourist, budgie smuggler

Designs by Simon Kenny

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