Three former SPECTRUM artists receive Government funding to boost their international profile


Tigercub, Luke Sital-Singh and Phoria, artists who have all headlined Brighton Dome SPECTRUM events, have been awarded Government funding to support their development internationally.

The Music Exports Growth Scheme (MEGS), run by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) has awarded £249,385 in total to UK indie music labels & companies to support 21 acts in their overseas promotional touring and marketing. After the US, the UK is the largest exporter of music in the world and in 2015 alone British acts produced five of the global top 10 best-selling albums.

Brighton Dome project SPECTRUM cultivates and supports the vibrant music scene of our city in partnership with Resident. Brighton is brimming with musical talent which we love to showcase, offering bands the perfect platform to be seen and heard and audiences the chance to discover something new or see their favourites local acts in our iconic venues.

Tigercub, SPECTRUM headliner in April 2016, are a grunge rock trio whose debut album Abstract Figures in the Dark came out in 2016 and who plan to grow their fanbase in Europe.

Eclectic folk performer Luke Sital-Singh who performed as a SPECTRUM headliner in September 2015, plans to tour North America to capitalise on growing interest in his music in the region.

Phoria are a five-piece alt-rock band whose debut Volition was released in 2016. They performed at Brighton Dome back in 2012 (when SPECTRUM was known as Source New Music). They plan to tour key cities in the US to build their fanbase and promote the record.

Rebecca Fidler, Creative Learning Manager at Brighton Dome, says: ‘We are always blown away by the talent and verve of artists in this city so we were not surprised, but super happy, to see three bands receiving this funding. Great to see these artists get the support they deserve.’

On 20 February, we present SPECTRUM: Brighton Museum Special. Take a tour through this rich and fascinating venue, discovering performances from some of Brighton’s best artists.

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