SPECTRUM: Interview with Breathe Panel

Breathe Panel have crafted a unique sound based around the intuitive songwriting partnership of Josh Tyler and Nick Green.

Recalling thoughtful days spent outdoors, Nick's vocals wash across bright, shimmering guitars and intricate drum patterns to create something beautifully expansive yet highly introspective. They're also part of the exciting line up for SPECTRUM's all day Festival...

When did you start writing music?
Nick and Josh started writing together in Nicks basement in Brighton at the end of 2013.

How did you meet?
We met through university and had mutual friends, got talking, liked the same music and decided to play together.

What track are you most proud of? 
We don't have a favourite, but have released a single recently called Carmine.

How would you describe your music?
We're never too sure how to answer this one, but someone recently said its "like watching a beautiful landscape through sheets of rain" which we really liked.

What are the main influences on your sound?
Our main influences come from our life experiences more than anything else, we often refer to how our environment, head space and colours effect our mood and try to translate that into our sound.

Have you released any albums yet? Are you signed to a label?
We plan to release an album this summer with our label Fatcat Records

What are you listening to at the moment?
A few different things!

What are your plans for the near-future?
To enjoy the shows we have coming up, release an album over summer and continue writing for future releases

What does it mean to you to perform at Brighton Dome?
We're all pretty excited, having lived in Brighton the past five or so years. It's a pretty iconic venue, Ella Fitzgerald played there amongst a load of other huge names!

For more information on the SPECTRUM Record Store Day festival and to see the full line up, see our event page.