SPECTRUM: Interview with Normanton Street

Normanton Street have quickly amassed a loyal following of fans around the world. 

In anticipation of SPECTRUM's upcoming day festival, we had a chat with the group about their unique fusion of soul, hip-hop and spoken word.

When did you start writing music?
It was around five years ago when we first met up with Phoebe and wrote our first track Take A Walk With Me. 

Individually we've all been writing music for a little longer than.

How did you meet?
Myself and Ned played at The Mesmerist in 2013, which is where Phoebe was working at the time. A mutual friend introduced us and we soon met up to work on some original material

What track are you most proud of?
For me it's probably the aforementioned track Take A Walk With Me. Along with being the first track we wrote together it was also the first one we recorded ourselves at home. I never thought it would become so popular with such DIY production so I'm super pleased with that.

How would you describe your music?
Something along the lines of simple, soulful, plenty of feeling and a bit of attitude.

What are the main influences on your sound? 
There probably isn't one song or album that comes to mind but perhaps Nina Simone to Dizzee Rascal and everything in between!

Have you released any albums yet? 
We're yet to release an album simply because the usual formula or release structures in music are changing so quickly. Instead we release regular singles and small bodies of works (essentially EPs) on our own label QM Records as and when.

What are you listening to at the moment? 
I've been listening to NonameSlowthaiFeist, and Capo Lee.

What are your plans for the near-future?
We've got an upcoming UK tour in June along with festivals throughout the summer. Later in the year we're hoping to head back to New York once again. Next year we'll probably drop an album


What does it mean to you to perform at Brighton Dome?
It's a big deal for us. Great opportunity and we can't wait!

For more information on the SPECTRUM Record Store Day festival and to see the full line up, see our event page.