Judi Love wearing a black ruffled dress against a red background. She's holding a finger in the air as if about to speak.

Take Five with Judi Love

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In the past two years, Judi Love has become a household name for her powerhouse personality and totally relatable tales. A favourite on Taskmaster, The Royal Variety Performance, Strictly Come Dancing and Live at the Apollo, Judi was even crowned Masterchef Celebrity Christmas Special champion in 2021.

This month, she’s bringing her first national stand-up tour The One Like Judi Love to our Concert Hall. We caught up with her to talk dreams, babysitters and how laughter is the best medicine...

1. What will you be talking about in your show?

Who I am, where I was born, being a single parent, being working class, being black British and then making the transition through different stages of my life. Loss, love, discovering yourself, relationships and adult stuff. 

2. That’s a lot of topics! Has your life changed much in recent years?

I'm overwhelmed with shock and disbelief that this tour is really happening. I went to school, college, I had depression, lost parents and went through a lot, then somehow I'm doing what I used to dream of doing, which I thought was impossible. I feel like I need to take time out and reflect but I'm so in the mode of 'go go go' that if I did stop I'd become so emotional.

3. How do you manage the work/life balance as a single mother with two teenagers? 

I struggled with babysitting when they were younger, but I try to put my foot down and not compromise. When I was doing stand up and couldn't get babysitters they used to come with me. It's a struggle to get things right and I definitely have Mum Guilt thinking I should be home with them.

You see glimpses of my ‘mummy’ on stage as that’s always in me, but it’s not like ‘mummy’ when I’m home. I might be extreme or cheeky on stage but I'd never talk like that in my private conversations with them.

4. You've talked recently about self-care. What does self-care mean to you? 

I love working but if we are not at our physical optimal best, the blessing of being able to work can be taken out of your hands. I try to block out weekends unless there is something really important. I get a facial, take a walk, connect with friends not in entertainment. Relaxation is important.

5. You previously worked in social care. Did your job help you at all as an entertainer? 

Doing social care you get to see how people end up in certain scenarios. It gives you empathy and understanding into how someone's life can change so drastically. When I'm tired from doing three jobs a day it's not trauma. I've worked with people in crisis and trauma and it's not that.

When you think about all the adversity people go through laughter is what connects us. We can all laugh together. People say if you don't laugh you'll cry, so let's keep laughing! 


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