Elaine Mitchener at Brighton Dome

This is... earsthetic Elaine Mitchener


Industrialising Intimacy

Vocal improvisation, movement and sound collide to create an original work of contemporary music theatre with the audience invited to share the exploration of the many facets of intimacy.

They say… ‘It is much more than whether we communicate well – or not – with each other through technology. For me it’s an examination of loss or the fear of losing personal interaction on many levels,’ Elaine Mitchener, The Oxford Culture Review

Brighton Dome Music Producer and earsthetic curator Laura says… ‘Elaine is a master of the voice in its many incarnations, and David is the master of many, many things – these guys working together deliver a moving, immersive, intimate and primal theatrical experience.’

The critics say… 'Mitchener [is] a classically trained genre-crossing virtuoso' The Financial Times

Book now to see Elaine Mitchener, as part of the boundary-breaking, audio-visual mini season earsthetic, on Sun 29 Nov. 

Read more about Elaine in her interview with The Oxford Culture Review

Industrialising Intimacy - Trailer from Elaine Mitchener on Vimeo.Supported by PRS for Music Foundation