Searching for deeper meaning in work, in business and in economics.

2 Oct 2017

This November we once again host Meaning - an alternative business conference that celebrates and brings together bold ideas from the progressive edges of business.

At Meaning, 500 passionate people will gather to hear from a range of speakers who are achieving world-changing things in unusual ways - using their roles as leaders and progressive business people to create change - whether it’s finding fairer, more equal ways to run our economy, or embracing art to help us understand more about the way we produce, consume and do business.

Meaning 2017 has as its guest director Mark Stevenson - author of books We Do Things Differently and An Optimist’s Guide to the Future. Mark’s vision and humour will guide you through the big - sometimes challenging - ideas that will be shared at this year’s Meaning.

Mark is looking forward to his return to Brighton: 'It seems Brighton has a revolutionary spirit to challenge the status quo as well as a sense of optimism - making it the perfect place.' he says.

Speakers at Meaning include Vickie Hawkins of Médecins Sans Frontières - sharing how a life-saving organisation manages to have a meaningful impact in chaotic volatile surroundings.

We’ll be hearing from economist Kate Raworth, who has coined the theory of ‘Doughnut Economics’ to describe an economic model that operates within the limits of our planetary boundaries.

And Jurrien Mentink will be visiting Brighton from his home at Humanitas in the Netherlands, where he lives, along with other students, as companions to older people in a care home setting. It’s a new way of thinking about social care and the relationships between the generations in our society.

Along with a cluster of other diverse speakers, and a selection of workshops and fringe events, Meaning - once described as 'the Glastonbury of business' - looks set to be even bigger and better this year, when it takes to the Concert Hall stage on 16 November.

You can use the Brighton Dome discount code to receive 20% off your ticket by entering ‘Dome’ at the checkout.

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