Miss Represented

6 Jul 2014

Miss Represented is a unique arts programme working with vulnerable young women within the Criminal Justice System in Brighton & Hove. We featured this project in the autumn newsletter last year so this is an update from Rebecca Fidler, who is leading the project.

Following a fantastic exhibition from the Miss Represented group before Christmas, we are really excited to have moved into the next phase of the project. The size of the group has increased as we invited more young women to join us on our creative journeys of self discovery and expression.

Before Christmas we were exploring themes around image, media representations of women, how we present ourselves, how other people perceive us, what we reveal and to whom. The Miss Represented group are insightful and thoughtful and one of the overriding themes that has emerged from our many discussions was the idea that ‘we are all many things’ and that we can be many things. Several of the girls we work with have already gone through life battles of one kind or another so it was very inspirational to see this positivity coming through.

We like to think that the exhibition resulted in not just us, as a group, looking at and questioning ourselves, but it also asked questions of the audience about themselves and their own perceptions.

This year the group have been exploring rather a broad theme of relationships and distilling ideas into drama, music, art and movement and already the group are unearthing new perspectives, making us think twice and blasting out of the water some of our own preconceptions. We are forever learning from this group of extraordinary young women. Why not come and see what we have been up to…?

Miss Represented

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

Miss Represented bring you their new energetic and powerful cross art performance.

These are the voices you never hear, but should.

Studio Theatre

Fri 18 July, 7.30pm

Sat 19 July, 2.30pm and 7.30pm

Donation on door but please book your place with our ticket office. (01273 709709)

Age guide 13+